2nd Annual End Of Year Giveaway (2018)

2nd Annual End Of Year Giveaway (2018)

Weaver's Furniture of Sugarcreek held its Second Annual Year End Giveaway at the end of 2018. This year we again accepted many wonderful stories from people across the region. There were so many people who could have been selected. We would like to thank all of the family members and friends who took the time to nominate those special people in their lives. 

Weaver's Furniture Giveaway 2018 End of Year

This year we gave away a beautiful sofa and chair! 

Our winner this year was a wonderful, hardworking mother. She has sacrificed so much to provide and care for her children. She has raised a wonderful group of kids who are going on to be positive members of our community. 


We believe that everyone's story is their own to tell. However, Ruby's daughter wrote a compelling and appreciative detailing of their life growing up. Our team had the privilege of hearing this story and giving back to this wonderful person.

As always, we received so many wonderful and heartwarming stories. Thank you again to everyone who participated in this End of Year Giveaway. Stay tuned towards the end of year in 2019 to see when this goes live again.