What To Expect

What To Expect

Finding The Perfect Design

Getting started is easy with Weaver's Furniture of Sugarcreek. We invite you to browse our website just to get a small taste of the designs and Amish Country craftsmanship that we provide. Over nearly 30 years of service, we have also assembled a 25,000 square foot showroom in Sugarcreek, Ohio that can be visited anytime!

You will then either select a design on our showroom or in our massive portfolio to customize. Don't see a design to get you started? Our team can fully customize a set or piece for you. We can work off of a photo or description.

Your salesperson will be available throughout the process to answer questions, from design to delivery. Your team member will also provide you with great information to properly care for your heirloom quality furniture. Our goal is to make the entire experience enjoyable and to ensure you get the most out of your furniture.

Expertly Crafted Furniture

Once you select the perfect design and have selected all of your customization options, including: wood species, stain colors, hardware options, upholstery, sizes and more. We take your custom order to the perfect Amish Country furniture builder for your unique set/piece. They will then build your very own hardwood Amish Country furniture to your exact specifications. 

Weaver's Furniture of Sugarcreek works with many regional Amish Country furniture builders to provide authentic sets to our clients.

Final Touches 

Once the expert Amish Country craftsman is done building your furniture, our team picks it up and brings it to our headquarters. Your furniture will then be stained/finished to your exact color specifications. This allows our experienced team to ensure true color and final quality assurances.

Amish Country Craftsmanship Delivered

After your furniture had been finished and checked for quality assurances by our team, our delivery team carefully loads your furniture for delivery. Our delivery team has years of experience navigating the delivery of furniture safely. They will carefully place your furniture where you would like it to make the most of your space.