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Julia Olivia

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The Julia Olivia are beautifully crafted pieces of Amish Country Outdoor Furniture. Weavers Furniture has been creating unique custom outdoor pieces for customers over the years. This is a wonderful combination of pieces that compliment each other perfectly. These pieces are available separately or paired with other pieces as well. This allows you to choose pieces of different heights and shapes that match your style and budget. Our team will help you to choose from a wide array of colors and options.

Available in a variety of colors and customization options depending on the piece. 

Table: https://weaverfurniturestore.com/patio-tables/1304...

Chairs: https://weaverfurniturestore.com/patio-chairs/1304...

Our Dining Sets are fully customizable. You can mix and match any table with any chairs. Our sets are available in various woods and colors. Call Store for details.