3 Things to Know Before Buying an Amish-Made Dining Set

3 Things to Know Before Buying an Amish-Made Dining Set

The dining room should be an attractive and welcoming part of your home. It is one of the rooms where your guests and family will frequent most often when they are around. We want to help you consider what kind of Amish-made dining set will meet your needs, desired style, and make everyone adore your accommodations.

Choose the right table base

Picking your table base is reliant on more than just liking the look. The base of your table can affect the accessibility of your dining table if you aren't careful. Think about the kind of people who will be dining at your home.

Will you have elderly diners who will need a strong foundation to lift themselves from their chairs? A leg table or trestle table will provide that sturdy structure they need, where as a pedestal table could become unbalanced and tip over. Make sure everyone has enough leg room, too. Leg tables provide the most open space, but a pedestal or trestle table may be fine for you if the majority of those at your home don't need to worry about extra space for long legs.

Chose the right hardwood species

The last thing you want is to easily scratch up your new table. If you're someone who always uses a table cloth, this may be less of a concern for you. For those who love displaying the hardwood top of your table, try to lean towards wood species like Hard Maple and Hickory. Even Red or White Oak is better than softer woods such as Cherry and Elm.

Choose the right table size

Generally, a space of 24-30 inches should be given for each seat at your table to allow arm space and accessibility. Think about the amount of people you will be accommodating and the space you have available for your dining area. You'll want enough room for chairs and benches to slide out. You wouldn't want your guests to have to squeeze into their seats or be pressed against any walls.

If you don't have the space to put in a table with extra leaves but have a larger number of people at your home, maybe consider purchase a square or rectangular leg table. This will allow more chairs to be placed around without having to worry about a base getting in the way.

Ready to find the perfect Amish-made dining set?

Now that you've got some ideas, measure your dining room, decide which table shape will fit it the best, and consider which Amish-made design will match the look of your house. We've got a lovely dining set selection that you can browse and shop from. If you still have questions, please reach out to our team. We are here to help you create your perfect home. 

  • Ryan Yoder