How It Works | Ordering Amish Made Furniture

Weaver's Furniture of Sugarcreek is focused on delivering Amish Country furniture to our clients across the contiguous United States. Our highly experienced team will simplify the process from ordering to delivery in your home. Many companies source their furniture from sources not in the United States.

We work closely with actual Amish Country furniture builders right here in the United States. These small businesses are responsible for employing large percentages of their local Amish populations. Our family owned business has built lasting relationships with our local builders.

Four Easy Steps: Order Amish Country Furniture Delivered To Your Home

Below is a simple breakdown of the process when buying from Weaver's Furniture of Sugarcreek.


Step 1: Pick The Style You Like

Weaver's Furniture of Sugarcreek offers a wide selection for every category needed for your home or office. Choose the style that matches your unique space. We offer a wide array of different looks available to you. We invite you to browse and select a style that is perfect for your home.

Once you have selected a set that you like the style or look of in our categories, you can now customize your set. Choose from a wide array of stain colors, wood species, sizes and other customization options available for each set (applicable options will be on product page). Select options may be available for certain sets and not others. Truly custom Amish furniture built by actual Amish Country builders for your home. 

Bedroom | Dining Room | Living Room | Mattresses

Step 2: Call or Chat

 If you have questions about other style options, customization, placing an order, delivery or anything else; please feel free to contact our experienced team. Our staff has been working closely with our local builders and clients across the United States for decades of combined experience. 

You can call (888-Weaver-1) or chat with our team on our website (bubble lower right corner)! 

You can also use our Contact Us page.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Placing your order. You can finalize your order online or by phone. You can also learn about our financing options.

Step 4: Have Your Dream Furniture Delivered

Amish Furniture lead times will vary from 24-30 weeks for delivery. Our Weaver's Furniture team will answer any questions you may have concerning delivery setup and dates. We will ship our custom Amish furniture to any client in the contiguous United States. 

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Do you still have questions about the buying process or delivery of your Weaver's Furniture sets? Feel free to contact us with your questions. 

We look forward to making your buying process and delivery of your furniture as smooth and simple as possible.