Weaver Craft Express
Tired of hearing about 6 month lead times for furniture?  Our Weaver Craft Express custom ordered furniture ships in 8-10 weeks.  Only select sizes, woods, and colors are available in the Express Program.

Weaver Craft Express

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Carlston Bed
From $777.00
Carlston Bedroom
From $3,928.00
Carlston Chest
From $1,297.00
Carlston Dresser
From $1,827.00
Carlston Nightstand
From $387.00
Cedar Lakes Bed
From $2,527.00
Cedar Lakes Bedroom
From $12,105.00
Cedar Lakes Chest
From $3,497.00
Cedar Lakes Dresser
From $3,757.00
Cedar Lakes Nightstand
From $1,257.00